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CHD Care at Home adds string to domiciliary bow with launch of new ‘Reablement package’

by Lisa Carr

Surrey care provider, CHD Care at Home, has broadened its domiciliary offering with the introduction of a new ‘Wellbeing and Reablement package’ — designed to support those recovering from injury and illness, or transitioning back to their own homes following a hospital stay.

CHD Care at Home, the domiciliary care branch of the award-winning care group, CHD Living, will now ensure that hospital outpatients and those recovering from a life-changing injury or ill health have everything they need during the often daunting prospect of returning to normality.

For hospital outpatients, the process begins well before they are discharged — with carers sent in to prepare the home beforehand and complete simple tasks such as putting the heating on, re-stocking the fridge and changing the bedding. The Occupational Therapy department will also be on hand prior to discharge to ensure the home has been adapted to optimise safety and functionality.

During the reablement period, carers will assist with all manner of domestic activities including meal preparation, personal care and even providing transport to any follow-up hospital appointments. CHD’s domiciliary staff have also received specialist training to support those individuals who may require more complex ongoing rehabilitation or maintenance — something that is seldom seen in conventional home care.

The overarching aim of the package is to help support the rehabilitation and transition of a return to independent living. Personal touches throughout can make all the difference to an elderly patient that is potentially anxious about returning home — something that really characterises both the package and CHD Living as a care provider.

The package typically runs for a period of four to six weeks, however, this can be limited to as little as a few days depending on the needs of the individual. Those enrolled in the programme receive regular visits from carers throughout the day, the number of which is based on the severity of the case. 

After the six-week period, a structure is then put in place to extend to full-time domiciliary care if necessary. The diverse offering of CHD Living means it can also provide specialist facilities for outpatient rehabilitation alongside daily domiciliary care  — further highlighting its commitment to providing continuity and diversification of care. Multidisciplinary teams are also available to those with more complex cases — helping to organise and coordinate a care plan that best suits the needs of the individual.

Upon its recent launch, the wellbeing and reablement package has already helped to transition fifty people back into their own homes, and with the care group working closely alongside placement teams — this is showing no sign of slowing.

Shaleeza Hasham, Head of Hospitality, Communications and Commissioning at CHD Living, commented: “We can’t believe how popular the new package has been so far, the numbers are amazing and a testament to the quality and convenience of our service. It’s extremely rewarding to see an individual regain the confidence to be independent again and being part of that journey comes with an immense sense of pride. The personal touches we provide is what really makes us stand out at CHD — with every member of staff spending the time to get to know each individual person under our care. Creating meaningful connections is the backbone of what we do — and those under our short-term reablement package are no exception.”

Shaleeza continued: “This package is so versatile and can be adapted as per the individual’s needs. In some cases we help for a couple of days and in others, we fulfil the six-week period — with scope to transition into our wider domiciliary care offering. No matter the severity, we always strive to reinstall confidence, reduce social isolation and improve overall wellbeing.”

CHD Care at Home is part of CHD Living’s award-winning group of care services and was created to help give some peace of mind to those in need of assistance within their own home, as well as their families. From visits once or twice a day to 24/7 at-home support, its care team is dedicated to providing tailored services to those who need it most.

For more information on the reablement package, please visit: https://www.chdliving.co.uk/care-types/care-at-home/packages/ 

For more information on CHD Care at Home, please visit: https://www.chdliving.co.uk/care-types/care-at-home/ 

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