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Right at Home UK launches Care Salary Calculator to attract more people to a career in care

by Lisa Carr

A new salary calculator has been launched by a leading homecare provider to show workers across the UK how they could earn a higher salary by switching their supermarket job for a career in homecare.

The Salary Calculator, designed by Right at Home UK – a homecare provider with over 70 offices across the UK – has been developed to counter perceptions that working in social care is poorly paid, with entry level carers who work 35 hours per week benefitting from an average potential monthly salary of up to £1,748.43, rising to a potential £3,264 for a live-in carer role.

This is £2,028.62 higher than the average wage for retail workers, who take home an average £1,235.38 for the same number of hours worked.

The move comes as social care providers across the UK face an unprecedented recruitment challenge, with public perception of care as a low-paid, low-skilled job singled out as a key issue. The UK Government recently announced a £500 million workforce investment, funded by the new Health and Social Care levy, that is designed to address the crisis.

Lucy Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Right at Home, said:

The hope is that the new salary calculator will help attract more people across the country to consider taking up a well-paid and hugely rewarding career in homecare.

It’s incredibly important that we help the whole care sector tackle the misconceptions about working in social care. The idea that a career in homecare is poorly paid is a relic of the past. All homecare providers pay at least the Living Wage, with the majority paying more – as demonstrated by the calculator. The fact is that an entry level job in homecare pays more than an entry level job in a supermarket, while also offering ongoing training that will help carers secure qualifications and progress up the ranks to managerial positions. There is also unrivalled job security.

It’s high time the public start seeing social care workers for what they are – highly trained and highly skilled professionals who carry out essential work that keeps our most vulnerable members of the community safe, healthy and independent.”

Notes to editors

  • Salary data for retail workers has been taken from the comparison tools owned by Indeed UK and Glassdoor.
  • You can access Right at Home UK’s Salary Calculator here: https://www.rightathome.co.uk/careers/salary-calculator/
  • All Right at Home wages referenced are at the National Living Wage level.
  • Right at Home launched the calculator as part of New Year: New Career, a nationwide recruitment campaign, highlighting the pay, progression and training opportunities available to new recruits, who do not need any prior experience to join the sector and receive comprehensive training from their employer.

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