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Mobility in Motion announces enhanced Boot Hoist through innovative collaboration

by Kirsty Kirsty

Mobility in Motion, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle adaptations and driving aids, has announced the first collaboration between two leading manufacturers; Brig-Ayd and Autochair. This partnership has led to the development of the significantly enhanced Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 Universal Boot Hoist.

The remodelled Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 Universal Boot Hoist combines technologies, customer feedback, and over 70 years of expertise from both manufacturers in one integrated product.

Matthew Walker, CEO at Mobility in Motion, said: “We are thrilled to announce the exciting new collaboration between Brig-Ayd and Autochair that has resulted in the enhanced Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 Universal Boot Hoist that massively improves benefits for users.

“The partnership is a testament to our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence. By combining the expertise and technologies of Brig-Ayd and Autochair, we can now offer a product that truly meets the tailored needs of our customers.

“The new Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 Universal Boot Hoist features increased compatibility with more vehicles and mobility devices, enhanced quality and durability, and a user-friendly symmetrical design that allows the customer to choose between a left-hand or right-hand install as well as maximising boot space. The upgraded motor and complete electronic update ensure reliability, smooth operation, and improved user experience. 

“This launch marks a significant step forward in our mission to deliver the best possible solutions for people with disabilities, enabling greater mobility and independence.”

More about the Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 Universal Boot Hoist

The maximum adjustment position of the boom has increased by 100mm, affording a greater reach outside of a vehicle, which further expands the compatibility of the hoist to suit additional combinations of mobility devices and vehicles.  

Additionally, a bigger hook has been incorporated, making it easier to handle when attaching to a mobility device and can be fitted with a spreader bar to suit more devices.

The materials and structure of the framework have been greatly improved to increase the overall durability and longevity of the design. New rollers, guides, and bushes make it smoother to operate for customers. Improvements to the load-bearing rope have improved the product’s ability to withstand high tension and a more ergonomic handle has been added to suit different levels of dexterity for a more user-friendly design.

Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 is now completely symmetrical to counter installation challenges, making it easy to fit on either side of the vehicle without compromising on reach, particularly with more cars now having batteries fitted below the boot floor.

The new control box can be fitted in multiple locations depending on the vehicle to further maximise boot space.   The purpose-built new motor, developed by Autochair, allows the Brig-Ayd 40kg Mk2 to lift devices more consistently and smoothly. Its improved design accessibility makes removing the motor and spool for maintenance easier.   Overall, the product’s re-designed electronics enhance its durability and user experience. Updates include a new handset designed for users with varying levels of mobility, soft start motors, an automatic power-off feature, overcurrent protection, improved cables, and a service status indicator.  

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