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Nourish Care partners with person-centred well-being and engagement app Altra

by Kirsty Kirsty

Nourish Care is partnering with Altra, the wellbeing and engagement app that enables those drawing on care and their family and friends to share their experiences and connect with staff in a meaningful way. 
How will the Nourish and Altra partnership work?
The collaboration is part of Nourish’s partner programme, which seeks to improve the platform’s offerings by integrating with apps that complement the Nourish system. The partnership between Nourish and Altra will enable care providers to purchase Altra directly through Nourish and seamlessly integrate Altra with their Nourish care planning system, maximising efficiency and championing person-centred care, lived experience, and well-being. 
What does Altra do?
The Altra app gives users the tools to promote connection and communicate on terms that both care providers and the people who draw upon their service can be comfortable with. For example, updates on activities and well-being can be shared with those in the circle of care and content provided by families via the Altra app can be turned into personalised physical newsletters. Through Altra’s concierge module, care providers can promote value added services from hairdressing to special events or birthday cake ordering with just a few taps on the app.
Altra features a Well-being Hub with 1000+ activity ideas with new updates added weekly. All content is created by experts in active aging and dementia care and is designed to improve the lives of older adults receiving care. It also has a calendar function making it easy to schedule activities and communicate your plans. Participants are invited to share feedback about the activities they choose to participate in so that they can be offered more of the activities they love best in the future. 
In addition, Altra offers a fully customisable ‘survey builder’ tool which enables providers to quickly and easily gather, action and evidence feedback from those they support and their circle of care. This ability to continually improve services in line with the experiences of the care community enables an intrinsically person-centred approach to care.
We’re delighted to be partnering with Altra which offers a fresh, modern multi-functional approach to engagement and connection with a really easy-to-use interface. It enables care to be even more flexible, offering menu choices, activities, well-being resources and collating feedback and sentiment from those drawing on care, which is vital because they are the ones whose opinions matter the most. It’s also a fantastic tool for enabling residents to stay connected with family and to share their highlights,” says Denise Tack, Director of Partner and Business Engagement from Nourish Care. 
Adam Keane, CEO and Founder at Altra, added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Nourish Care, as this partnership allows us to bring our innovative engagement tools to a wider audience. By integrating with the Nourish Care system, we can provide a seamless experience that enhances the quality of care and supports the well-being of those drawing on care. Our app’s ability to foster meaningful connections, gather invaluable feedback, and offer diverse activities aligns perfectly with Nourish’s commitment to person centred care. Together, we are empowering care providers to deliver more personalized and responsive care, ultimately improving the lives of those they support.’ 

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