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International recognition for falls collaboration

by Lisa Carr

An innovative collaboration designed to improve outcomes for falls victims whilst reducing pressure on the NHS has received international recognition, having been published in the International Journal of Care and Caring.

Mark McGlade, owner of home care company, Home Instead Exeter and East Devon, began the partnership with South West Ambulance Service Trust in 2017, frustrated by the number of older people who are admitted unnecessarily to hospital following a fall.

The new approach saw care teams trained in using a new ‘Traffic Light System’ for injury assessment after a fall that was developed specifically for the initiative. The ‘red, amber, green’ assessment determined if an ambulance needed to be called. Mark also invested in a Raizer Chair and trained staff accordingly so that clients who had fallen could be safely lifted off the floor.

The initiative has seen a 79% reduction in hospital admissions from falls and demonstrated savings of more than £210,000 for the NHS from one location alone.

Commenting on the initiative, Mark said, “Ultimately, this collaboration has meant that our care teams are better equipped to deal with falls and have the bespoke training needed to assess the situation and take the necessary action.

“We have achieved our goal of keeping more people out of hospital which has always been a desirable outcome. With the current pandemic, this desire has become even more relevant.”

Collaborating with Dr Karen Harrison Dening, one of Home Instead UK’s non-exec directors, Mark co-authored the report on the collaboration which was submitted to, and accepted for publication by, the International Journal of Care and Caring.

The project has previously been used as a case study by the Care Quality Commission as an example of innovation and best practice.

Read the Journal article in full here: https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/tpp/ijcc/2020/00000004/00000002/art00009

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