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Rave with Dave and Bex!

by Joe Caretalk

Local charity DanceSyndrome is excited to be launching an innovative new Zoom dance session for people with and without disabilities. “Rave with Dave and Bex” is an exciting new concept co-led by Dance Artist David Darcy and Dance Leader Becky Rich. Participants of all ages and abilities will spend five weeks learning a flashmob routine and on the sixth week they will hold an online rave event to perform their routine in front of a live audience with glow sticks and glitter at the ready!

DanceSyndrome is a multi-award winning dance charity that delivers inclusive dance workshops and dance leadership training, as well as inspiring performances that demonstrate a focus on ability rather than disability. The charity was founded by Jen Blackwell, who happens to have Down’s syndrome, because she found it difficult to find opportunities in community dance due to her disability. DanceSyndrome’s ethos is that disability should never be a barrier to following your dreams. Dancers with and without disabilities work together to inspire people to see what can be achieved when we all become more inclusive.

DanceSyndrome supports many vulnerable adults across Lancashire who are currently shielding due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  While they have been unable to hold their regular community dance sessions, the charity have adapted to provide online sessions, which have become the norm for 2020. The DanceSyndrome team wanted to limit the impact of isolation on vulnerable participants and continue to make them feel a part of what they refer to as “the dancing family”. Since lockdown began they have delivered many workshops online using Facebook, YouTube and Zoom to bring the sessions to regular participants and anyone else who wanted to use them. They have helped people across the UK to stay active at home during isolation thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, Arts Council England and Community Fund for Lancashire.  

Rave with Dave and Bex is the newest addition to a range of Zoom sessions that include Street Dance, Contemporary Dance, daily wake up sessions and even an infant’s session led by 3 year old Max, who has Down’s syndrome.

Dance Artist Dave Darcy said “Rave with Dave and Bex is about giving people the chance to really let loose and dance. We will rave through the decades from 80’s dance classics to modern day bangers! The sessions are designed to be fully engaging and welcoming for everyone, from the experienced Ravers to those with no dance experience at all. Come and learn, create, rave and have FUN!”

The sessions will be co-led by Dance Leader Becky Rich. Becky is also an Ambassador for the charity, promoting the charity’s work and actively demonstrating that having Down’s syndrome, or any disability, shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams. Her dream was a career in dance and she is living that thanks to DanceSyndrome.

Becky said “I am really looking forward to Rave with Dave and Bex on Thursday nights at 7pm from 17th September. We still have lots of daytime sessions which you can join but this is something different. I am really excited because we are using glow sticks and we will have a jolly good dance! This is going to be a big party! The music will be fantastic and we will get away from these difficult lockdown times. Join us for the fun through Zoom. I know the one thing we all need is to be happy. Join this jolly good party! Please tell everyone you know.”

Rave with Dave and Bex starts on Thursday 17th September at 7pm. If you would like to find out more about the sessions, please visit www.dancesyndrome.co.uk/events

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