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Lorraine Kelly promotes the all-important ‘Care Conversation’ on Loose Women

by Lisa Carr

TV legend, Lorraine Kelly, recently appeared on Loose Women to talk about Home Instead’s Care Conversations campaign: a cause that urges people to discuss care options with loved ones.

During the interview on the lunchtime chat show, Lorraine referred to Home Instead’s findings that 81% of people are reluctant to talk to ageing older loved ones about care, despite a third saying that they are concerned about their parents’ physical health.

Lorraine triggered a discussion among the Loose Women panel about care for family members, with the panellists agreeing that it’s a conversation we should all have

Lee Chapman, Home Instead’s brand and marketing director, said: “Our Care Conversations campaign demonstrates why care shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It can be a tough conversation to have but when broached sensitively, it will be a huge weight off yours or your loved one’s shoulders.

“We’ve loved having Lorraine onboard to promote this campaign, and it was particularly exciting to see her getting the Loose Women talking about care. I’m certain that Lorraine will have planted a seed in people’s heads and encouraged families across the country to discuss preferred care options. It’s never too early to have the Care Conversation.”

Home Instead is the sponsor of Lorraine’s successful podcast ‘What If?’, in which she and daughter Rosie interview well-known and much-loved celebrities about key events and crossroads in their lives. Series three of the podcast features Lorraine and Rosie playing Home Instead’s Care Conversation card game, which triggers Lorraine to share her views on getting older.

Lorraine interview on Loose Women can be viewed here (listen from 4.35).

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